Welcome to Calliope!

Calliope: East Bay Center for Music & Arts’ mission is to build community and advance social justice through the arts. We’re housed at St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Albany, California.

What we offer: We have two warm, beautiful and acoustically fabulous spaces for performance, two spacious practice/lesson rooms with good quality pianos (each readily accommodates 8-10 musicians) and when current renovation work is complete, we will also offer additional low-cost practice and teaching spaces. 

We’re not just about music: the hall is also great for small theater events and poetry readings, and both the downstairs library and the hall feature rotating visual art exhibits by area artists. 

We believe that all artists deserve a living wage, and that money should not be a barrier for public enjoyment. We also believe in supporting institutions that make the arts possible, so part of our work is raising financial support for the buildings that house our organization.

We have 501c3 nonprofit status; our tax ID is 84-3430705. While housed at St. Alban’s Episcopal Church, we are not a religious organization. 


Maybe you are asking yourself, “who is Calliope?” To the ancient Greeks, she was “Queen of the Muses” – muse of eloquence and epic poetry, gifted with a beautiful voice. As you can see from our logo, a hummingbird has been named after her – visually and vocally beautiful! 

Many people have been asking us, “how do you say Calliope?”  Check this out!  Or, if you prefer phonetics: call eye’ oh pee. Sounds epic either way!

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