Cookie Segelstein and Joshua Horowitz- Sunday, July 26th, 2020

Sunday, July 26th, 2020: Cookie Segelstein and Joshua Horowitz 
4 p.m. Live from their living room!
Calliope Presents

Tickets available on Eventbrite
Cookie Segelstein – violin; Joshua Horowitz, accordion

We are thrilled to present this concert with Cookie and Josh, who are married and therefore “sheltering in place” together. Both of them together comprise two-thirds of the well-known klezmer trio Veretski Pass, which played to much acclaim and a sold-out house in a Third Sunday concert in 2019. Cookie and Josh also performed in our February concert, Violins of Hope: Along the Traderoute, which Cookie also curated and narrated. In addition, they are internationally regarded classical musicians and scholars. 

The concert will contain rare material from the repertoires of pre-World War II klezmorim (musicians), Hasidic melodies, as well as new compositions in traditional style. The original compositions are created according to the ancient tradition of klezmer musicians, playing music of all kinds, but with a recognizably Jewish sound. This music was traditionally used for celebrations, most commonly weddings, but also considered Jewish folk art music. It was not uncommon to have elements of indigenous music mixed with classical as well as liturgical phrases. It was also common in each town that the musical groups consisted of Jews, Gypsies, and local musicians, whose varied styles intermingled to produce a unique sound.

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