First Annual Bay Area Framedrum Festival- Sunday, September 13th

Sunday, September 13th – First Annual Bay Area Framedrum Festival
1-4 p.m. – throughout St. Alban’s buildings
This exciting first-ever event was originally scheduled for May
$50 for workshop + concert, $25 for concert alone
Tickets on Eventbrite – Advanced Registration required, and space is limited!
This exciting first-ever event, originally scheduled for May, brings together four of the top frame drum players and clinicians in California. Representing four different frame drums from four different cultures, each instructor will offer a 75 minute hands-on-drums workshop, followed by a performance for all attendees. All drums will be provided for the workshops, but feel free to bring your own! 

Bay Area Frame Drum Festival 2020 Featuring clinics and performances representing musical cultures from across the globe.

In association with Calliope Music & Arts, Bay Area percussionists Ami Mollineli and Jeremy Steinkoler present the first annual Bay Area Frame Drum Festival, featuring workshops and performances from some of the top frame drum players in California, representing musical genres from across the world. Attendees will choose among four different frame drum clinics, representing four different musical cultures. Clinics will be followed by performances by each clinician (open to all clinic attendees as well as the general public) in the St. Alban’s Parish Hall.

Frame Drum Festival Clinic Descriptions:

All levels welcome! Instruments will be provided, but feel free to bring your own!

Pandeiro (Brazilian) with Ami Molinelli


This class will explain various Brazilian rhythms, styles, techniques, and yes… how to do the “roll!” We’ll explore the history of Brazilian popular music from the first Brazilian national music of maxixe, how it evolved into choro and then samba. We will touch on other styles, as well such as the relatable Baião which has some similar roots to early American jazz, Bo Diddley beat and the hambone.

Bodhran (Irish) with Jeremy Steinkoler

In this workshop we’ll cover the basic techniques of playing the bodhran, primarily focusing on the “Kerry” style, holding the tipper in the middle. We’ll cover basic tipping patterns and variations for reels, jigs and slip jigs, and do a brief dive into left-hand voicing techniques while we learn a couple of traditional Irish session tunes to play along with. No experience or familiarity with traditional Irish music is required.

Gospel Tambourine (American) with Rhonda Crane

Come learn easy and basic strike and wrist techniques for playing the tambourine!

Study various rhythmic patterns to play with different musical genres, including Gospel and New Orleans styles. If you bring your own tambournine, a 10” size drumhead is best, but 8” size will suffice. Be sure it has metal jingles, not tin!

Kanjira and Tabla (Indian) with Jim Santi Owen

This workshop offers an introduction to Indian rhythmic concepts, compositions, skills and techniques. We will explore the rich traditions of North and South Indian classical percussion, specifically the South Indian kanjira and North Indian tabla. Participants will learn the basic rhythmic languages of these traditions as well as compositional structures, cross-cultural rhythmic skill building exercises, and split-hand techniques applicable to any tambourine or frame drum. Bring the drum of your choice or learn in the traditional style of rhythmic recitation and hand-clapping.  Beginners to professional musicians are welcome.

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