Open House – You’re Invited!

Saturday, March 30, 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.

We are so excited to invite you to explore the new nonprofit performing arts hub now forming at St. Alban’s in Albany – Calliope: East Bay Music and Arts, at an open house on Saturday, March 30th from 3-5 p.m. at 1501 Washington Avenue in Albany (St. Alban’s Episcopal Church).

It ‘s tough to find good and reasonable spaces to give lessons, practice, jam, or perform; plus, there’s the hassle of getting liability insurance – Calliope’s vision is to address these needs!

There are excellent acoustics in the parish hall, which holds 120, with a small stage and adjacent bathroom and greenroom, plus a gorgeous Steinway baby grand. Right next door to the performance space is a full kitchen. In addition to that performance space, there’s another one downstairs; it has a fully restored historic pipe organ (Hook and Hastings, built in 1914, Opus 2346) and an upright piano, a raised performance space, and a small backstage area; it holds about 150. (Yes, a.k.a the church sanctuary!) Downstairs from the sanctuary are multiple smaller rooms waiting to be converted into spaces for giving lessons or practicing.

The concept of Calliope is that artists become members, pay a modest monthly fee, and in exchange get access to all of the spaces at a reasonable cost, and to Calliope’s insurance. In addition, because Calliope is a nonprofit, members will have access to other services.

We welcome you to explore the spaces and the possibilities of Calliope! We are still building out the space (and would love some “angels” to loan or donate another high quality baby grand for the second performance space, donate toward construction costs and acoustic supplies, etc.)

Meanwhile, please come and check it all out, and invite your friends to come, too: bring your instruments and sheet music, check out the acoustics in all the spaces, try out our Steinway baby grand! There will be music, performance, snacks, tours, wine, and activities for children…and more.

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